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Benefits Of Employee Online Portals

April 22nd, 2020 · No Comments

Kroger Inc came up with a new, refreshing idea and created Greatpeople.Me portal. This portal was created for its employees as the platform would assist the people of the company to communicate without any difficulties.

The Kroger Company manufactures produces and processes food for the sale in all its supermarkets and stores. The Company primarily operates in supermarkets, departmental stores, jewellery stores and other convenience stores across the United States. 

The company owns at least 3,900 supermarkets and stores along with distribution warehouses and food manufacturing plants through the divisions, the subsidiaries, and affiliates.


Kroger Company’s E-schedule is located on the Greatpeople.Me website that is located in the top banner. The employees can use their EUID and password to sign in to the website. The EUID will include the first and the last initials that are followed by five numbers. The E-schedule is available and accessible from both the employee’s work computer and a home personal computer.

This website portal was created to manage and operate a wide amount of data that is related to the employees. The employees can easily access and work by a simple Greatpeople.Me login portal and they can do all their tasks with the help of the online portal. The main purpose to generate this portal was to manage the data that the Kroger has it in its entire database.

This was created to give some relief to the hardworking and determined staff. Employees can do a lot of things by using this Login portal. Some of the things that the employees can do in this portal are as follows-

  • Employees can manage and change their personal information on the portal.
  • They can easily manage their day-to-day job-related information and details.
  • Change their residential address whenever needed.
  • Employees can apply for leave when the situation calls for it and submit their leave application.
  • They can also apply for multiple vacations if they want.
  • It allows them to communicate with other employees of the company.
  • Employees can access information regarding their salaries.
  • All staff members can receive medical and other employee benefits.

What are the benefits of an employee portal?

Streamline corporate communications

The most important priority of a company should be to streamline corporate communications. Regular communications such as announcements, calendars, discussions, events, seminars, and other activities need to be communicated to all the employees.

Keep employees focused

The employee online portals help keep the employees stay focused on major initiatives. This portal will allow the organization to ensure that the goals are well communicated and comprehended by the employees. Instant messaging has improved the productivity of the work and also enhanced customer services.

Connect with the users and customers

The online portal helps the users and customers connect with the company employees and ask questions, raise complaints.  This helps in building good relationships with the customers and keeps them loyal to the brand.

Such employee portals such as Kroger Greatpeople Portal which will allow the companies to create a virtual department and branch to carry out the work without any difficulties. This will promote employee motivation and also a platform where they can participate and fulfil their role.

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