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Best Fairy Type Pokemon Competitive

July 20th, 2020 · No Comments

Fairy-type Pokemon was introduced in the sixth generation and is super effective to balance the Dark and Dragon-type Pokemon. Most of the pokemon fans love to use Fairy type in their gameplay. But some may wonder what is the best fairy type pokemon’s that are more competitive in the battleground. Hence, we’ve provided the best fairy-type pokemon for you. Here we go with them.

best fairy type pokemon

Best Fairy Type Pokemon

1. Xerneas

Xerneas is one of the legendary Pokemons that are most familiar in the Fairy type. With the help of Fairy type Pokemon weakness chart, we come to know that this type of Pokemon go is weak against the Steel, Fire, and Poison-type. Though it is weak against these types, this pokemon creature offers a special ability called Fairy Aura. This special ability will power up all the moves of fairy type Pokemon. Xerneas has a very great attacking power.

2. Sylveon

Incredibly, Sylveon is one of the most popular and pure fairy type pokemon that is more adorable and strong enough to handle the opponent’s attack. Many competitive pokemon trainers use this fairy type pokemon as a cleric role for their team. Being a fairy type, Sylveon is very strong against the dark-type, dragon-type, and fighting-type pokemon. Its hidden ability and cute charm ability are good to deal with the damages.

3. Clefable

Depending on your team type, clefable can be used. Clefable is an excellent and defensive type Pokemon that puts you in a team. It has two great abilities like Magic Guard and Unaware. So, if you have Clefable with Unaware, then it is a great thing to add a calm mind to its movement. Also, it is helpful to add Cosmic power and fire punch if you get the chance. Alongside, Clefable has some different moves that it can learn and allow you to defeat your opponents.

4. Galarian weezing

Galarian weezing is another new addition to Pokemon which is more powerful due to its immunity. This Pokemon is a dual-type Pokemon that makes it immune to the attacks of Dragon-type and Ground-type due to the Levitate. Also, the Galarian wheezing has the ability to neutralize gas that every pokemon should have to defeat the opponents on the battlefield. Also, he has access to great moves like Toxic, Defog, Will-O-Wisp, and much more.

5. Mimikyu

Mimikyu is a dual-type Pokemon that is one of the most famous Pokemon to come out of the Moon and Sun generation. It is cute and creepy to all the players who love it. Also, it makes a good competitive team member to a battle with the other attackers. With the Disguise ability of Mimikyu, you can take any damage that is given by your opponents.

Final words

The above-mentioned Pokemons are some of the best fairy-type Pokemons. If you love to defeat your opponent with super effective power, use any of these fairy-type pokemon in your gameplay.

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