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Google announces App Market for Android-based handsets

September 3rd, 2008 · No Comments

Google has announced their App Market, for mobile phones, which lets users download third-party applications to their handset. When you find an application you like, you get a pretty simple view: the application’s name, a description of the application, a choice to rate it out of five, and a choice to comment on the application. The whole process works in a similar fashion to Apple’s App Store – you browse applications, and simply click the install button. However, one key difference is that, unlike apps for the App Store, applications for Android do not need to be approved by Google.

As it stands, the first device to be running Android will be HTC’s Dream, which will also come pre-installed with a beta version of App Market, which, at first, will only contain free applications. The Dream is set to launch by the end of Q4 at the latest.

On that note, it would seem Microsoft want a piece of the application store market as well. It’s said that they will be launching a similar store to the App Store and App Market, called SkyMarket. If this is indeed the case, then look for the SkyMarket store will ship with Windows Mobile 7, and whilst little in the way of a release date is known, don’t expect to see any handsets running on WM7 for at least a year, which gives Microsoft plenty of time to announce it, do fine-tuning, and what have you.

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